Social Influencer

Cartia Mallan is turning the world of online influence on its head, using her own unique blend of talent. An outspoken advocate for positive self-image and bravely pursing your dreams, Cartia inspires her followers to ditch their insecurities and ideas of perfection, and instead to loudly love and celebrate the face and body they were born with. Cartia's multi-faceted platforms enable her to keep her followers firmly ahead of the curve. It’s her uplifting, free spirited, down to earth style, bubbly personality and bohemian lifestyle that her fans simply love. Her unique content is not only about lifestyle choices, It’s about promoting a definitely fun and courageous, live-out loud lifestyle. Whilst conveying her own emotions, she helps interact and strengthen the connection with her
audience, via every post.

Instagram: @cartiamallan
Facebook: /Cartia.Mallan
Twitter: @CartiaMallan
YouTube: /Carty186
Tumblr: @YamTakeVver
SnapChat: cartymel